April 22, 2024

12 Sustainable Gift Ideas to Make an Impact this Earth Day


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One of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint is to be thoughtful—about the products you buy, materials you consume, knowing where everything is sourced (local is always better!), and how long things will be in your life. The same principle applies to sending corporate gifts. When you send something useful, personal, and relevant, chances are it won’t end up in a landfill.And while it’s not always so easy to be earth-friendly with every decision you make, Sendoso hopes to make it a bit easier. We carefully curate thousands upon thousands of high-quality, creative, and thoughtful gift ideas suitable for sending year-round, and we’re constantly trying to outdo ourselves as we grow and learn.

Here we share 12 earth-gentle gift ideas for your marketing direct mail campaigns. Each client gift idea is sure to make an impact with your contacts without leaving a huge footprint on our planet.

1. Anytime Gourmet Platter Box

Sustainability isn’t a fad for Frog Hollow Farm, a Sendoso Direct vendor that has been at the forefront of organic and regenerative farming for 20+ years. Treat your client to their Anytime Gourmet Platter Box during their next sales team meeting and include a note about how you can help them “think outside the box.”

2. Customizable YETI Mug

Going green just got more stylish with this customizable YETI mug. Turn your favorite mug into a corporate gift for clients. Add your company logo, your client’s Alma Mater, or any other creative touch to make it personal.

3. Seedling Kit

Planting trees is a classic Earth Day activity. While many of us don’t exactly have acres to spare, it’s still possible to get that green energy flowing with a seedling kit. A seedling gift can be an inexpensive addition to your direct mail marketing campaign. Send this gift with a note saying you can’t wait to “watch the relationship grow.”

4. “Seal the Deal” Surf & Turf

The card practically writes itself with this one! Send this 100% carbon neutral gift from Crowd Cow, a craft beef and meats marketplace, to a contact you’re trying to “mooove” through the pipeline.

5. Reusable Shopping Bag

Stash these highly compact, lightweight, durable bags in your car, your handbag, or even your coat pocket, and never be caught carrying a one-time plastic bag again. Sales professionals can send customized versions to your clients or prospects with a note about how you’re here to help “lighten the load.”

6. Botanical Collection Gift Box

You can feel extra sweet about sending a gift from Raaka Chocolate as part of your marketing strategy. This gourmet chocolatier uses high-quality, single-origin, transparently-sourced ingredients.In keeping with the Earth Day theme, try their Botanical Collection Gift Box, which features flavors like Vanilla Violet, Chamomile Lavender, and Rose Cardamom.

7. Reusable Straw Set

Nothing upgrades your summer sipping repertoire faster than a metallic straw set. Give your contact a set of these and they’ll think of you every time they enjoy a cool summer drink—which is to say, often and with great pleasure!

8. Just Breathe Spa Gift

Earth Day is a time for renewal and reflection, but some of us need a little help getting into the proper state of mind. Send your contacts in need of R&R the Just Breathe Spa Gift from Knack Shops, a modern gift-giving vendor that lets users “shop by sustainability.”

9. Organic Staples Mix

Celebrate the best our planet has to offer with The Fruit Guys’ Organic Staples Mix—16 servings of 100% USDA certified organic, non-GMO fruit. Bonus: Every purchase helps fund sustainability projects for small farms.

10. Jerky Sampler

Want something with a little more bite? Try the Jerky Sampler from Righteous Felon Jerky Cartel, which donates a portion of every sale to the Conservation Alliance. With flavors like Truffle-O Soldier and Habanero Escobar, you’ll have the perfect opportunity for a creative follow-up.

11. eGifts

Still undecided? Sendoso’s eGift platform offers a wide selection of retail and dining eGifts to add incentive to your digital marketing. Better yet, make it a charitable donation and let your recipients choose from worthy causes like The Nature Conservancy or National Park Foundation.

12. Code of Choice

Back when in-person events were a thing (oh the days!), Sendoso cut waste and shipping with this crowd-pleaser: The code! Recipients could redeem their promo code post-event for all kinds of items in a digital swag store. Surprised to learn about all the sustainable sending options in our Sendoso Direct catalog? Well, we happen to be an earth-conscious organization too! Sendoso is proud to partner with Conscious Impact to support their Himalayan Tree Planting Project, an organization that collaborates with farmers in the Himalayas of Nepal to plant more than 10,000 trees per year

.So there you have it: From reusable totes to carbon-free Cameos to a short-list of vendors that institute sustainable practices, Sendoso has you covered for sending that’s as creative as it is sustainable.

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