March 4, 2022

Top 10 Gift Ideas for National Sending Day


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Good gifts are meant to be shared. So we’re sharing our top sends with you in honor of National Sending Day.

March 10 marks the official Sendoso holiday meant to inspire organizations to create meaningful and authentic connections with their customers. It’s all about building better relationships in a virtual world.

Celebrate National Sending Day by building a personalized gifting program into your B2B marketing strategy. It’s an important move to keep customers engaged throughout the sales funnel.

Gifting at Every Phase of the Customer Journey

Everyone loves to feel special, and nothing says that more than a personalized gift. A survey of business professionals found that 77% say business gifts make them feel appreciated, and 67% believe gifts show that the sender values the relationship.

Personalized gifts incentive leads, motivates prospects, celebrates customers, and elevates your brand, separating you from your competition.

Need inspiration? We’ve analyzed Sendoso’s most popular gifts. Consider these special sends to generate high response rates, strong click-through, and generate the best ROI.

Most Popular General Gifts

Check out these top 10 gift ideas to celebrate National Sending Day.

General gifts are typically used at the top of the sales funnel and can turn a lead into a prospect. These gifts can be personalized to create connections and are appropriate for most people. The right gift idea can result in a 200% return on your campaign investment.

1. eGift Cards

Sending an eGift card is a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to connect with people at the upper end of your sales funnel. The most popular gift options are Amazon, Starbucks, and VISA.

The Sendoso sending platform can track who took advantage of your eGift card offer, which can trigger follow-up messages from your sales team to build a connection and keep the prospect warm.

2. Piñatagram

What’s more fun than a miniature piñata filled with candy – and your personalized message? Piñatagrams will certainly grab people’s attention! They build intrigue about your brand and can leave prospects and customers wanting to learn more. Creative gifts like the Piñatagram have a higher response rate – up to four times higher.

Food & Spirits

Raise your hand if you’ve walked into your office’s kitchen and saw a big box filled with an assortment of treats sitting on the table for everyone to enjoy. Food gifts are a great way to elevate your brand with people throughout the organization.

While many offices may still be working fully remote, food gifts sent to home offices also go a long way in helping you build a connection with your customer. Browse Sendoso Direct to find these fan favorites.

3. Fairytale

Everyone likes a little sweet treat to get them through the day. Show your customers how much you appreciate them by sending a Fairytale Brownie gift box containing 12 mini brownies. You can personalize the gift with a card and other information about your brand. It’s a treat they are sure to remember – along with you and your brand.

4. Sift Dessert Bar Macarons

Another popular corporate gift idea is a gift box filled with 12 colorful macarons from Sift Dessert Bar. Opening a box full of brightly-colored macarons is sure to bring a smile to your customers’ faces and make their day just a little more special. Fun – and tasty – gifts like these can help you increase close rates up to five times.

6. Olive & Cocoa

Olive & Cocoa offers a Taste for Everyone assortment, and just like it sounds, they include something for every taste, including cheese, crackers, nuts, salsa, pretzels, cookies, and toffee. Taste for Everyone comes in a variety of sizes to meet your budget – and the occasion. Celebrate important milestones and holidays with your customer with this gift idea.

Personalized gifts that include an alcoholic beverage are special and work best for lower in the sales funnel to show your customers how much they mean to you. They are a great way to welcome new customers to the organization and can be built into your onboarding process. They are also a strong choice to build relationships with executives and decision-makers.

7. In Good Taste

The Wild Child Wine assortment from In Good Taste offers 8 bottles of wine. It’s the perfect assortment for those special customers. Send this gift idea to celebrate your customer’s big milestones, like a successful product launch or the opening of a new location. This gift idea turns brand loyalty into brand affinity.

8. Vices Whisky Poet

If you closed a big deal with a new customer (or renewed an existing customer), this is the perfect gift to celebrate. Vices Whisky Poet gift includes a single malt whisky, spirits decanter, and glasses. You can personalize this gift with a hand-written note, and offer to meet – or celebrate – over a drink.


Businesses are going green to support our environment. If you have companies in your funnel that are focused on environmental initiatives or social impact causes, these eco-friendly gift ideas will show that you understand their business – and also feel the same way.

9. Lula’s Garden

Every desk – whether in the corporate office or remote office – feels more comfortable with a plant. Lula’s Garden sends succulent plants in a pretty planter. Every time your customer looks at their plant, they will think of you!

10. Packed with Purpose

Every gift box offered from Packed with Purpose tells a story. Each product is sourced from organizations that give back to their communities. Boxes are delivered telling that story – and your personalized messaging. Their packaging is also eco-friendly, cutting down on the waste that ends up in the landfill. Your customers will appreciate the thoughtfulness of a gift from Packed with Purpose. These gifts also showcase that your brand invests in organizations that are making a difference in our world.

Gifting with Confidence

These 10 gift ideas will give you confidence in your gifting strategy and create memorable connections with your B2B customers. See how a gifting program can improve your ROI with our ROI Calculator. You can also request a demo to see how the Sendoso gifting platform works.

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