November 27, 2019

8 Unique Swag Ideas from Dreamforce 2019

Meira McFarquhar
Meira McFarquhar

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This post about unique swag ideas is part of our yearly series looking at the best marketing swag ideas from Dreamforce. Check out last year’s top swag items here.

With another year comes another incredible Dreamforce. This year, the biggest tech conference in North America was home for four days to 170,000 attendees from all over the world and brought with it extraordinary speakers like former President Barack Obama, amazing breakout sessions, fun parties (we created a list of all of them here), and so much more.

That’s why we were determined to get the most bang for our bucks during Dreamforce 2019, and set out to find all the fun freebies up for grabs in the Expo Hall.

But let’s be honest: one of our favorite parts about Dreamforce is discovering all the unique ideas companies come up with for their marketing swag. Long gone are the days of cheap pens, stickers, or T-shirts. Organizations are rising to the challenge of getting creative and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

As certified swag specialists, we’ve seen tons of swag ideas, but we also continue to be surprised by unique finds with each new conference. Take a look below at what unique swag ideas stuck out to us at this year’s Dreamforce.

Unique Swag Ideas We Saw at Dreamforce 2019

1. Hammock and Frisbee Combo

Lucidchart (@lucidchart)

Why It Made the Unique Swag Ideas List:

This hammock and frisbee combo from Lucidchart is a definite standout. Whether you’re going on a hiking trip or having a relaxing day at the park, Lucidchart has got you covered with their branded, high-quality giveaway. And with most of the Dreamforce attendees living in the Bay Area, they certainly played to their audience since outdoor lovers can put their swag to use right away!

2. Stuffed Llama, Llama Stickers, and Branded Playing Cards

Lessonly, Inc. (@lessonly)

Lessonly takes the cake for the cutest swag idea on the list. Who doesn’t love stuffed animals?  And a stuffed llama is the most unique stuffed animal we’ve seen in a while. The llama stickers are a simple but effective branding tool, too, and won’t be confused with other company mascots.

The playing cards are also a really fun idea: both something you can share with your coworkers and use over and over again!

3. The Survival Fanny Pack

Prolifiq (@prolifiqapps)

Why it Made the Unique Swag Ideas List:

Thanks to music and outdoor festivals, fanny packs are cool again. And although branded fanny packs have now become more popular for conference giveaways, this one from Prolifiq has a sleek and slim shape we haven’t yet seen, making it more stylish and easier to wear.

Plus, it comes with a lot of practical items inside like a reusable straw, chapstick, and hand sanitizer—all of which are needed when you’re talking to what could be hundreds of people a day.

4. Pack of Gum

Sendoso (@sendosohq)

Why it Made the Unique Swag Ideas List:

We promise this isn’t a shameless plug! This year, Sendoso gave out packs of gum during Dreamforce. But what makes that a unique swag item? We included an invitation to our Send Zone on the back of the pack.

The Send Zone was located right across from the main entrance to the Dreamfore “National Forest,” and served as a hidden oasis where attendees could relax and escape the Dreamforce craziness, play games, learn about sending, talk to a sending specialist, and indulge in some delicious Mediterranean food and drinks!

5. Beer Mug

OwnBackup (@OwnBackup)

Why it Made the Unique Swag Ideas List:

OwnBackup knows how to win over the Dreamforce crowd. After long days at Dreamforce, most attendees were likely thinking of one thing only: happy hour!

With free beer mugs from OwnBackup and colorful beach stickers, they’ll always be prepared to sit back, relax, and enjoy a cold one with family, friends, and colleagues.

6. Lollipop

Conga (@getconga)

Why It Made the Unique Swag Ideas List:

It’s hard to turn down a sweet treat. But instead of the usual small candies often handed out at most booths, Conga’s big and colorful lollipops (complete with a witty song lyric) served as a great midday pick-me-up.

7. Wooden Pen

Dun & Bradstreet (@DunBradstreet)

Why It Made The Unique Swag Ideas List:

Sure, branded pens are nothing new. But it is also a fact that one can never have enough pens—and this pen in particular is all about style. Just make sure to hide it from all your coworkers, because we have a feeling this one will be popular in the office!

8. Solar Phone Charger

Salesforce (@salesforce)

If there’s one thing that’s certain about conferences, it’s that your phone will definitely die. A solar phone charger is an excellent, sustainable way to give your phone the boost it needs, and gives you an excuse to get the Vitamin D boost you need too.

These are just a handful of unique swag ideas companies used this year to get people talking about their brands. Want to learn how other companies are connecting with prospects and customers using awesome swag sends, corporate gifting, direct mail, and more? Download a copy of our ebook below and get started today!

Want to learn how other companies are connecting with prospects and customers using awesome swag sends, corporate gifting, direct mail, and more? Download a copy of our ebook below and get started today!

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