Transform your marketing strategy with personalized sending.

Chief marketing officers (CMOs), vice presidents, and heads of marketing all want the greatest ROI from their marketing plans. Sendoso enables your marketing team to provide highly differentiated sending strategies with proven results. As the leading Sending Management Platform, we help you exceed revenue goals, expand brand awareness, and increase customer lifetime value.

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Data-backed sending that drives revenue

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Sending is your lever of growth across all marketing

Strengthen your marketing strategy to fuel revenue growth

Generating demand and growing pipeline to drive revenue is essential. Diversify your marketing strategy to incorporate personalized sending. It’s one of the most effective ways to acquire prospects, increase customer retention, improve the customer experience, and expand accounts at scale.

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Amplify your brand in the marketplace

Differentiating your brand from the competition is challenging. With scalable, personalized gifting, your company will stand out from competitors and get you in front of prospects, create mindshare in the eyes of key stakeholders, and build loyal brand advocates.

Demonstrate value to the C-suite

Marketing leaders need to prove their value to the enterprise. Using our Sending Management Platform, you can easily align sales and marketing teams on revenue-generating campaigns, drive pipeline growth, and showcase the ROI of your sending strategies—with built-in tracking and analytics through one unifying dashboard.

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Have questions about our sales and marketing solutions?

Ask us anything about how sending delivers impact for sales, marketing, and ABM.

Trusted by brands around the world.

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Easily integrate into your existing sales and marketing workflows

Sendoso integrates with leading CRM, sales engagement, marketing automation, and ABM platforms such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, HubSpot, Marketo, Salesloft, Outreach, Terminus, Demandbase, and many more. Easily send personalized gifts from within your team’s existing platforms with just a few clicks.

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How Gong generated 400+ new opportunities

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In today’s climate, it’s not what you sell, it's how you sell it. When thinking about door-opening campaigns, we like to differentiate Gong in a crowded market. And Sendoso allows us to cut through all of the SaaS noise.

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Russell Banzon

VP of Marketing, Gong

How Zendesk generated 15X ROI from a sending campaign

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The cool thing is, we automated everything in Sendoso and integrated it with our CRM to track each step, from opting in, to starting a send, to delivery. Then, we pulled that information into Eloqua, where we could automate the eGift email instead of manually uploading a list. That’s all worked really well.

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Miru Natarajan

Senior Marketing Manager of Regional Operations & Programs, Zendesk

How Cornerstone influenced $7 million in pipeline

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Sendoso helps Cornerstone accelerate deals and set meetings with the prospects we normally have a difficult time getting in touch with. The unique sends help us break through the noise and come in with a message that resonates.

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Sara Schonfeld

Senior Marketing Strategist, Cornerstone


How does Sendoso help my marketing team drive revenue growth?

Sendoso enables marketing teams to produce highly differentiated, personalized outreach strategies built to scale. With personalized sending, your company will stand out in front of new prospects, generate and accelerate pipeline, and acquire more customers.

How does Sendoso strengthen our digital marketing strategy and give us a competitive advantage in this market?

Personalized gifting is a door-opener to building trust. Investing in Sendoso’s Sending Management Platform helps marketing teams engage prospects throughout each point of the buyer’s journey. Sending helps execute marketing strategies that drive top-line revenue, enhance the company’s brand in the marketplace, and increase customer lifetime value.

How can you help us drive more operational efficiency and productivity within sales and marketing processes?

By using Sendoso’s integrations with leading sales and marketing platforms—like Salesforce, Salesloft, Outreach, HubSpot, Marketo, Terminus, 6sense, and Bombora—sales and marketing teams can collaborate on new campaigns that drive revenue, accelerate sales cycles, and improve close rates. Learn more about our integrations.

How does Sendoso help us improve the overall customer experience?

With an array of sending options from eGifts, hand-curated merchandise, handwritten notes, and experiences to many other items, Sendoso helps marketing teams significantly enhance the overall customer experience. We empower your team to use sending as a lever of growth for your top marketing priorities.

How can you help my marketing team measure ROI and define success for our marketing strategies?

With built-in tracking and analytics, your team will have complete transparency into the timeliness of your gifting and sending strategies’ ROI. Track from when gifts are sent to when they’re received and when eGifts are opened so sales teams can respond accordingly at each important touch point.

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