April 4, 2024

15 May puns to improve your direct mail gifting campaigns


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As someone with a background in creative marketing or sales, it’s important to keep your sending campaigns fresh. New gift ideas are not only engaging externally, helping to convert prospects and re-engage accounts—they’re also engaging internally, helping to amp up the rest of your sales org and drive new energy into your efforts.

So how do you stay on top of the game?

Here at Sendoso, we’re a big fan of puns. A little play on words can spark a smile, which goes a long way in getting a customer to consider your company. The best creative gift ideas can even keep your business top of mind while competitors fall to the wayside. Here are some of our favorite May holidays and B2B direct mail ideas for celebrating them.We hope this gift guide helps spark some of your ideas.

May Day, May 1

1. Send It Pun: Don’t let the maypole stand in the way. Let’s find a way for our work together to bloom.

Kick-off your B2B direct mail marketing this month by celebrating the first day of May. May Day is an ancient holiday of sun and fun. It’s a great opportunity to highlight the best parts of warm weather—and go wild with puns on the word “may.”

Gift Idea: Have accounts that seem to be stalled? Send a three-month ReVased flower subscription or a potted succulent to encourage them to dig deeper with your company through the Sendoso Direct catalog.

Star Wars Day, May 4

Star Wars Day is celebrated every year on May 4, because the series’ iconic line, “May the force be with you,” sounds a lot like “May the 4th be with you.” To get creative with this already punny holiday, simply play off some of the films’ classic names and tropes.

Star Wars gift idea

2. Send It Pun: With a universe of options out there, it’s important to choose a star partner.

Gift Idea: Pair this compelling message with a backyard telescope for high-value decision-makers, or a cleverly designed map of the stars (i.e. you and your competitors) with a guide explaining why you’re the best partner. Or find the Darth Vader Corkcicle drinking set from A Gentleman’s Trove in Sendoso Direct. They also offer a Star Wars-themed playing card set.

3. Send It Pun: Don’t go solo. Partner with us, you will.

Gift Idea: Communicate the importance of a good partnership with a themed pairing item, like a gin and tonic kit. Don’t forget the literature that explains why the recipient should consider your company!

4. Send it Pun: Yoda best.

Gift Idea: Thank your best customers with a Yoda (or Baby Yoda!) themed card and a sweet treat that will have them rubbing their bellies—think cookies or cupcakes.

Cinco De Mayo, May 5

Every year on May 5, people around the world celebrate Mexico’s 1862 victory over the French Empire. It’s an opportunity to celebrate Mexican culture with margaritas, delicious food, and a big party.

5. Send It Pun: Let’s taco ‘bout it.

Gift Idea: Need a good way to start a conversation? Send over a taco kit with a pun-filled note that’s sure to get a response.

6. Send It Pun: We’re nacho average vendor.

Gift Idea: Set your company apart with salsa—a chili sauce gift set is a great gift to spice things up and start a conversation.

Mother’s Day, May 8

Tea mother's day gift idea

7. Send It Pun: You’re tea-riffic.

One of the biggest holidays of the year, Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to celebrate moms with unique marketing gift ideas.

Gift Idea: The opportunities for this pun are endless. Congratulate parents with an afternoon tea set, a handy thermos to keep their favorite beverages warm, or a set of cookies that go perfectly with any type of tea.

8. Send It Pun: You’re mum-believable!

Gift Idea: Send a beautiful bouquet of mums (chrysanthemums) or carnations, big enough to brighten anyone’s day. Interesting note, carnations are the official flower of Mother’s Day.

Need a few more ideas? Boost your marketing strategy with our Mother’s Day gifting guide full of unique virtual experiences to share with clients and popular gift ideas.

Friday the 13th

9. Send It Pun: You’re in luck!

If you’re superstitious, you might avoid going out on Friday the 13th. For savvy marketers, however, this day can be a great opportunity to show prospects why working with your company is nothing to be afraid of with a creative marketing gift.

Gift Idea: Use this pun to connect with prospects and show them that your company offers exactly what they need. Send a bottle of nice champagne with a handwritten note explaining why your prospect is lucky to know your company.

Sherlock Holmes Day, May 22

10. Send It Pun: Look no further.Celebrated on May 22, Sherlock Holmes Day is actually the birthday of the books’ author, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Get creative with this mystery-themed holiday with B2B marketing gifts that will help your prospects follow the clues to a close.Gift Idea: Introduce your business to new prospects with an intriguing invitation to lunch or coffee.11. Send It Pun: It’s no mystery why our customers love us.Gift Idea: The proof is in the pudding with this one. Show leads why you’re the best choice by inviting them to a demo with a mystery-themed invite they’ll be too intrigued to resist.

Wine Day, May 25

12. Send It Pun: We hope this gift from us gives you a Riesling to smile.A wine lover’s favorite holiday, Wine Day on May 25 is a great day to raise a glass to connect with a new customer.Gift Idea: Re-engage leads with a playful note that asks them to reconsider your company, accompanied by a quality bottle of red wine.

13. Send It Pun: Wine not?

Gift Idea: Make it impossible for leads to ignore you with an open-ended question and a bottle of wine they won’t want to wait to open.

National Burger Month

14. Send It Pun: Lettuce show you our product while you enjoy lunch on us.Need a creative marketing strategy that lasts all month long? May is National Burger Month and who doesn’t love a burger, whether it’s made with beef or beets?

Gift Idea: Capture the attention of prospects with the offer of a free lunch.

15. Send It Pun: We relish working with you.

Gift Idea: Thank valued customers with a simple thank you and a box of delicious artisan burger patties.

Make May Sending Simple

The hardest part of your sales and marketing strategy should be coming up with creative gift ideas. For everything else, from managing addresses to coordinating logistics, Sendoso makes it easy.Need more inspiration? Check out the Sendoso Pun Calendar for month-by-month ideas from other creative senders.

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