February 14, 2019

7 Direct Mail Campaigns For Cultivating Customer Love all Year Long


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Today, we celebrate love—customer love.

And you’re likely wondering what direct mail campaigns have to do with fostering customer love.

We’re glad you asked. Research shows that 83% of people enjoy receiving packages, they value something they can touch more than just something they can see, and the time spent with direct mail triggers more emotional responses than a digital message.

That’s why utilizing direct mail campaigns is a fantastic strategy for nurturing customers and keeping them engaged.

You’ve worked hard to earn your customers. Here’s how you can use direct mail to keep them.

Direct Mail Campaigns to Show Customers Love

1. Kick-Start Guides

Make every new customer feel valued right off the bat by sending a fun and informational welcome kit. You can include a note from your CEO,  guides for getting started, playbooks they can use to find success, small swag items, and a few pieces of your best content printed out (checklists, eBooks, infographics, etc.)

2. Milestone Awards

Celebrate your customer’s first major milestone with your company by sending them fresh flowers or desk plant (we, personally, love succulents). The milestone could be that they’ve completed onboarding, used your product the first time, or experienced their first success with Include a message about how you’re excited to watch them continue to grow.  

3. “Monthiversary” Notes

After a customer has been working with your company for 3, 6, or 9 months, send them a thoughtful handwritten note to celebrate your “Monthiversary.” Highlight some of the successes they’ve had with your company already and outline how you’ll help them continue to achieve their goals in the future.

4. Gifts for Life Events

Build stronger relationships with your customers by celebrating what’s important to them. Did your prospect just have a birthday? Get married? Have a child? Find a personalized gift based on what you know about them or things they’ve shared on social media. They’ll appreciate the fact that you thought of them and created a special touch.

5. Product Update Announcements

Use video mailers to send customers information about big product updates. Whether you’re launching a whole new line of offerings or simply making small (but important) improvements, a 60-second video mailer can be a great way to share your excitement for the updates and help customers understand what it means for them.

6. Support Request Correspondence

After a customer submits a support request, automatically send them a $5 coffee eGift card to “sip on something warm while we process your request.” If they end up having to wait longer than normal to have their issue resolved, you can also offer to buy them lunch and send a $10-20 lunch eGift card.

7. Surprise and Delight Moments

Take the liberty of sending customers something sweet just for the sake of demonstrating how much they mean to you. Surprise and delight them with a treat they can share with others like mini cupcakes, macarons, or even chocolate-covered Oreos.

These are just a few ways tangible communications can have a powerful effect on your business relationships. Do you have any other fun and creative direct mail campaigns for showing your customers love? Let us know!

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