March 30, 2024

Direct Mail Unboxed: Cookie Box from Noms Bake Shop [Video]

Grace Dille
Grace Dille

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Unboxed is a Sendoso video series where we unbox some of our favorite direct mail pieces.

In this episode of Unboxed, we’re featuring a sweet direct mail piece from Noms Bake Shop!

Sendoso’s vendor partners at Noms Bake Shop sent us this cookie assortment that arrived in a wooden box with our name etched beautifully on the top. Each cookie is individually wrapped to stay fresh and tastes as good as it looks!

What are the advantages of this direct mail piece?

We love this direct mail piece because you can customize the send in a variety of ways. You can choose from a wide assortment of cookie flavors and can even change the packaging they arrive in.

We received the 20-count etched cookie box, but you can also select a smaller assortment. They offer 10 and 5-count cookie options that will arrive in a white box with a customizable sleeve that can also feature your logo.

This direct mail piece is one to share and can get the whole office talking about your brand. And who doesn’t love freshly baked cookies?

Check out the video below to see us unbox Nom Bake Shop’s tasty direct mail piece!

A Sweet Direct Mail Send Featuring A Cookie Assortment from Nom’s Bake Shop

Thank you to Nom’s Bake Shop for our delicious cookie box. We think your cookies are pretty sweet!

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