April 12, 2018

Part 2: Solving the Prospecting Pains of Sales Development with Gifting

Carina Shahin
Carina Shahin

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I left off Part 1 of this blog, sharing the challenges in the prospecting process. Now, I’m going to give you an inside look on how I’ve made personal and memorable connections with my prospects.

# 1 It’s the Simple Things

Start off small. With Sendoso, you can send over 100 different kinds of e-Gifts. I like to send a coffee e-Gift before each of my meetings. Sending a $5 gift card has decreased no shows for me, which keeps my AEs happy!

#2 Take a Chance

Mix it up a bit. Look up where your prospect works for lunch spots nearby, if you see a Chipotle or Whole Foods, send over a lunch e-Gift with a handwritten note saying,  “Thanks for taking the time to chat today – lunch is on me”. I do this after a follow-up meeting and have seen prospects stay more engaged during the sales cycle.

#3 Get Personal

Make it thoughtful. Those email subject lines and sweet LinkedIn messages about how you and your prospect went to the same school or share the same interest are good touches of personalization, but what if you can get something in the palm of their hands? I use Sendoso’s Amazon integration to send personal gifts that my prospect will not throw away. Some of the things I have sent are mugs with their alma mater or even a baby onesie for a prospect who just had a baby! Another way to send personalized gifts is to send items like cupcakes if you know they like sweets or a bottle of champagne if they just got a promotion.

Your Game Plan

I’ve been your guinea pig, testing gifting and seeing the results, and am giving you the secret to success.

Remember to be thoughtful and relevant in your outreach – it always pays off. Adding gifting into the mix definitely increases chances of landing a meeting with that unicorn prospect of yours.

Just give it a try and I’m sure you will see results! If you need ideas on how to get started, reach out to me and I will show you some examples of how I’ve been successful setting up those meetings!

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