October 12, 2021

Achieve sales impact immediately by leveraging built-in playbooks


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Sending the right gift at the right time to a customer, prospect, or employee can have a big impact. Corporate gifting can increase customer loyalty to your brand and products, make potential customers more inclined to respond to the prospecting process, and help employees feel more engaged and connected. Research has found that direct mail is 40% more likely to drive customer acquisition than other types of campaigns. But when it comes to selecting the right gift to send, the last thing SDRs and AEs need to do is to spend hours wading through options. That’s why we’ve created Playbooks, use-case-specific suggestions for gifts and messages. Sendoso Playbooks give sales teams another great tool for closing deals and increasing close rates. Playbooks meet sales teams where they are and are designed to integrate easily into their workflows. Account executives now have a way to connect with valued clients and increase the possibility of turning them into repeat customers. And Playbooks give companies a way to show employees they’re welcomed and valued. “I am really excited about the launch of Playbooks and to leverage the best practices, strategies, and tactics that have proven successful,” says SurePoint Chief Marketing Officer Lydia Flocchini, “We needed playbooks. The plays are easy to use and will help teams scale and run programs faster. I’m looking forward to using them for inspiration and creative ideas.” Playbooks are curated from this community’s best practices and most successful plays to help your brand stand out. Each playbook is ready-made and designed specifically, from gift to message, to help your teams leave a lasting impression and reach their sales goals.

The Power of Confidence

Sendoso Playbooks arm sales teams with the perfect touches and messages, allowing them to confidently make an impact and accelerate deals. SDRs and AEs can start reaching out to customers and prospects from day one with the assurance that they’re using the appropriate strategy. Each Sendoso Playbook is a blueprint for what to send and what to say in numerous situations, including:

  • Door openers
  • Meeting follow-ups
  • Deal accelerators
  • Customer and employee appreciation
  • Field events such as webinars and conferences
  • Brand awareness

Senders select from a menu of ideas and suggested messages. They can filter by type of gift, price range, and point in the sales cycle.

Stand Out Easily and Effortlessly

Playbooks give managers insight into the right touches to create for different occasions and guide managers and senders to new creative touches that will have a strong impact. Want to let a prospect know that you have new products “brewing”? Send them a coffee card or even actual coffee beans. Sendoso Playbooks also take the guesswork out of sending. Once you select an available play, the playbook takes you directly to the send flow, with the suggested message already populated. Playbooks streamline the entire outreach process, helping teams scale their efforts efficiently. “Playbooks is a game-changer,” says TigerGraph Marketing Programs Specialist Danny Luu. “We can’t wait to see more sending ideas being added. This is not only good for any users but it’s also going to be a critical part as we are trying to build out our customer advocate program to increase more retention.” Sendoso Playbooks gives sales and marketing teams an efficient way to make a positive brand impact, leveraging the strategies we’ve seen succeed with global customers and users across all industries and company sizes. Schedule your custom Sendoso demo for more information on how to incorporate sending into your marketing and sales strategy.

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