June 10, 2022

11 Types of Dads: How to Pair the Best Father’s Day Gift


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Don’t forget the dads this Father’s Day. No, not your dad—the dads you do business with and the ones you hope to call clients. Sales development representatives build up a lot of contacts. But scroll through those B2B contacts one more time and you’ll find a common thread: dads. Every father, grandpa, uncle, brother, nephew, cousin, coach, teacher, and buddy on your list is putting in the hours at the office and home.

Honoring working dads on Father’s Day

All of them deserve a shout-out for being hard-working dads on Father’s Day and making tough choices for a great career and a great family. For SDRs, Father’s Day can be another avenue for meaningful outreach as you build rapport with decision-makers.

Make Father’s Day part of your annual B2B account-based marketing strategy. Don’t stop at a “keep up the good work” email. Instead, design a Father’s Day strategy worth remembering with top-tier corporate gifts. The right gift idea can spark new conversations, help current clients feel more connected, and improve brand loyalty. Plus, using a corporate gifting platform like Sendoso handles the packaging, branding, and shipping.

We’ve put together our list of favorites for top-notch personalized gifts this Father’s Day because nobody wants a necktie from their SDR.

1. Gift ideas for the grill master dad

Send It Gift: The Care Package by Crowd Cow

Father’s Day is a national holiday, always celebrated on the third Sunday in June. But it also shares the calendar with another very special time of year: grill season.The grill master dad will be psyched to fire up the briquettes or propane when he opens this gift box containing every prime cut of meat imaginable. Dry ice included, just in case dad doesn’t get the delivery right away. This gift also works as an executive gift, or as a thank you after a signed deal.

Crowd Cow Steak

Pro Tip: Give your prospects a heads up that something special is coming their way by using Address Confirmation. The Sendoso feature verifies the recipient’s address while letting them know a gift will arrive soon.

2. Gift idea for the outdoors dad

Send It Gift: Sustainable Earth Backpack by Terra Thread

Outfit prospects with a top-of-the-line backpack that is both mod and heavy-duty thanks to Terra Thread. The sustainable backpack can stock dads before their next 10-mile trek through the mountains or a weekend camping trip on the coast. It also works great for transporting 20 snack packs to soccer practice or for hauling a change of clothes to swim lessons.

Pro Tip: If you’re going to add branding, use a light touch. We recommend black-on-black, or tone-on-tone to ensure your logo is front and center, but subtle enough that the outdoors dad will still carry it. All branded sends can be designed, shipped, and tracked using Sendoso.

3. Gift ideas for the mixologist dad

Send It Gift: Virtual Craft Cocktail Tasting from Purple Cork

Check out this research before you settle on a Father’s Day gift. A recent survey found three out of four dads preferred an experience for Father’s Day rather than a physical gift. With that in mind, the mixologist dad’s go-to gift has to be the cocktail tasting class with purple cork, who are experts in creating engaging virtual experiences.

The mixologist dad will be so thrilled with this gift, the next round is on him. Booking Sendoso Virtual Experiences like this one is a headache-free option. No need to plan a party. Just use the Sendoso platform to trigger invites. Your attendees will receive their wine and any supplies before the event starts. All you need to do is log in via Zoom and watch your network grow.

4. Gift idea for the tech dad

Bentostack Tech Organizer gift for dad

Send It Gift: Bentostack Tech Organizer by Function 101

The tech Dad will be over the moon with this gift that serves up a boatload of functions in just a tiny space. The Bentostack Tech Organizer houses containers for charging cables, wall chargers, AirPods, earbuds, Apple Watchbands, and even a flip stand all in a sleek, orderly little stack. No more tangled cables and wires will have the tech dad emailing you right away for a meet-up.

5. Gift ideas for the golf dad

Send It Gift: Lucky Bamboo Tees (100) from Sunday Golf

A golf dad can never dig fast enough through his golf bag for a spare tee. So, he’ll be thanking you for this Father’s Day gift after his next round of 18 holes. Plus, these tees are eco-friendly, so they won’t trash his favorite golf course.Expect a text for a meeting and a regular update on his golf score.

6. Gift ideas for the sports dad

Send It Gift: A Goldbelly cuisine classic from their favorite sports city

A sports dad from Philadelphia will be in awe when he receives a Philly Cheesesteak care package. The same goes for that Tar Heel alumni when he gets his Carolina BBQ delivery.

Be sure to browse all of our Goldbelly options on Sendoso Direct. Remember that this gift works best if the sports dad has moved away from his beloved team. Check out his social posts or LinkedIn before sending for that extra personalization. Check Sendoso Direct for a current list of Goldbelly offerings and get creative with your handwritten note. Work in a sports-related pun. After all, Father’s Day is the best time to showcase a quality dad joke.

Goldbelly Cheesestake

7. Gift ideas for the do-it-all dad

Send It Gift: Fun and Games Gift Box from Knack Shop

The do-it-all-dad is all about jumping in with carpools for piano and karate lessons, chaperoning the school field trips, and going the extra mile for one more smile from his grateful family. Give this busy guy a break from being the chief organizer by gifting a family game night gift box, so he can enjoy the evening with his fam instead of planning it.

8. Gift ideas for the caffeinated dad

Send It Gift: Virtual Coffee Tasting from Marco

We love this gift as an office-wide Father’s Day celebration. Target all the caffeinated dads who drain the coffee pot by mid-morning and make another pot after lunch. Human resources and people teams can also use Sendoso’s Virtual Experiences to show their love for their team member dads too. Make it easy on everyone by booking this experience early in the morning!

9. Gift ideas for the sommelier dad

Send It Gift: Passport Coteaux Bourguignons AOC from In Good Taste

It’s hard to go wrong with a classic bottle of pinot noir for the sommelier dad. Look into Good Taste for the dads who enjoy every wine under the sun, but have favorites.

Reach out to see if there’s a variety at the top of his list first, then browse all our wine options in Sendoso Direct for the perfect bottle that fits your budget. The sommelier dad will be saying cheers to your outreach efforts with a new line of open communication.

10. Gift ideas for the spicy dad

Send It Gift: Hot Sauce Challenge Kit from The Sauce Shop

The spicy dad is always up for a hot sauce challenge, especially if he thinks he’s going to win. But be warned, one of the sauces in this kit is made with 22 habanero peppers—ouch. Send this personalized gift to him with a note that reads, “Happy Father’s Day, thanks for always adding some spice to our conversations.” And follow up to find out how it all went down!

Hot Sauce Hero gift for dad

11. Gift ideas for the doggy dad

Send It Gift: The Buddy Box by Gyfting

This gift box comes with a bundle of treats to make the dog dad’s fur-baby happy and healthy. Delicious treats, doggy wipes for accidents, and even a dog toy shaped like a taco. Now both dad and pup can enjoy Taco Tuesday!

Open doors with a Father’s Day gift

There are so many prime-time gifts that blend dad’s favorite interests with summer’s hottest trends. Whatever you choose for your campaign, Sendoso is all about making your gift personal and unique for Father’s Day. But plan. Early planning saves you manual work and guarantees your corporate gifts arrive before Father’s Day. To be safe, remember that gifts typically take about two weeks to customize, package, and ship from the Sendoso warehouse network.

Let’s all agree that parenting is a challenge in every way possible. That’s why when holidays like Father’s Day come around, it’s so important to recognize dads (and moms) everywhere for doing their best, day in and day out. A Father’s Day campaign that honors fathers for their wins will help you hit your targets, and strengthen your connections. See what’s possible for your next direct mail campaign by launching a Sendoso demo.

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