April 14, 2024

18 June puns for summer ABM campaigns


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What does your B2B marketing strategy look like for June? If you’re on the hunt for ideas, one of the best ways to get a prospect’s attention is through sales and marketing puns. It’s all about knowing how to pair a witty pun with the right gift.

One way to show that you’re being thoughtful with your marketing gifts is through an engaging creative concept. Many of our top senders build campaigns around a pun, a holiday, or both. Start planning summer sends in the spring to guarantee your Goldbelly ice cream sandwiches, branded beach totes, and Pride-themed gifts arrive in time to wow prospects.

Getting playful with your marketing jokes ensures your brand’s mail campaign will stand out from the crowd. Keep reading to find inspiration for your sales and marketing campaigns with a gift guide fit for Father’s Day, Pride Month, and more.

Moonshine Day, June 2

1. Send it Pun: Shake up your customer experience.

Gift Idea: Send an artisanal cocktail kit with a message encouraging prospects to sign up for a product demo. Sendoso Direct offers several spirit-filled options for your target audience. Moonshine refers to any type of illegally distilled spirit. Moonshine Day on June 2 celebrates the people who made their booze during America’s Prohibition Era. Luckily, you can celebrate through legal means today with these creative B2B direct mail marketing gifts.

Decanter and glasses

Sending to c-suite decision-makers? Give their moonshine an upgrade with a decanter and hand blow glass set from Knack Shops.

2. Send it Pun: It’s time to mix things up and try something new.

Gift Idea: Introduce your company’s unique offerings with a bottle of spirits and some mixologist-recommend cocktail recipes. Or bond with prospects in real-time during a virtual experience focused on the art of mixology.

Donut Day, June 3

3. Send It Pun: Donut miss this webinar.

Gift Idea: Encourage prospects to learn more about your product with an invite that comes with an irresistible side of donuts. It’s an offer that most people won’t be able to refuse. Generate buzz in the whole office by sending teams a DIY donut decorating kit from the Sendoso Direct catalog.

You might be surprised by this delicious day’s historical roots. Donut Day was inspired by World War I events. The Salvation Army sent more than 250 volunteers to the front line in France, tasked with preparing food for the troops. The cooking team quickly discovered that helmets were perfect for frying donuts and in 1938 the Salvation Army memorialized their efforts by creating an annual Donut Day.

4. Send It Pun: Where are the holes in your strategy?

Gift Idea: Playfully call out how your product can help a prospect with a note and a box of donut holes from a local business.

Iced Tea Day, June 10

5. Send It Pun: See why we are ‘quali-tea.’

Gift Ideas: Not into the standard coffee meeting? Set your company apart with a meeting invite that includes a gift of specialty loose tea.Iced Tea Day celebrates the popular chilled summer beverage, but you can use this holiday to highlight any tea-related marketing gifts.

6. Send It Pun: We’re just your cup of tea.

Gift Idea: Show a prospect why a partnership between your company and theirs is “mint to be” with a refreshing mint iced tea gift set—complete with a branded mug. You can design mugs and other physical inventory showcasing your company through the Custom Brand Shop on Sendoso’s automated gifting platform.

7 . Send It Pun: Learn why our product is a real TEAm player.

Gift Idea: Need a gift that will level up your marketing strategy? Invite prospects to a demo over tea.

Father’s Day / Martini Day, June 19

It’s no coincidence that Father’s Day aligns with Martini Day! Celebrate dads with strategic B2B marketing gifts that play up the cocktail theme for this busy Sunday in June.

8. Send It Pun: We’re shaking things up!

Barbox gift

Gift Idea: Have company news to share? Honor fathers with an announcement that comes with a cocktail kit, complete with a shaker and accessories. WonderHaus offers a full 17-piece bartending kit. Find the Barbox gift set using the Sendoso Direct feature.

Go the extra step to personalize your send with handwritten notes for your best clients. Notes on branded stationery can be processed by the Sendoso team giving your gift that extra touch.

9. Send It Pun: We Olive our partnership.

Gift Idea: Everyone likes to be recognized. Make sure to thank your best customers with special martini olives that they can add to the drink of their choice or eat straight from the jar.

Juneteenth, June 19

Also on June 19, Juneteenth is a powerful day that’s steadily gaining wider appreciation after becoming a federal holiday. Today, Juneteenth is a reminder of when federal troops finally took control of Texas in 1865 to ensure that all enslaved people were freed.

Pro Tip: Don’t minimize Juneteenth with a pun—this day is too serious to joke about. Instead, send gifts that support local and national Black-owned businesses, and explain to prospects why you’re choosing to honor this important holiday.

Start of Summer / Yoga Day, June 21

Celebrate the summer solstice with a special send curated to make decision-makers smile all season long.

10. Send It Pun: Anything is popsicle this summer with us by your side.

Gift Idea: Give the Just Chilin’ gift bundle created by our Send Curation team to celebrate the longest day of the year. It includes a Terra Thread mini backpack, popsicle molds, a “For the Love of Popsicles” recipe book, and Crafmix Cocktail Mixers.

Summer Gift Bundle

11. Send It Pun: Let’s make some waves together.

Gift Idea: Create a corporate gift for outside of the office. The Seas the Day bundle users in the first day of summer and includes a JBL waterproof portable speaker, an Igloo cooler backpack, and the Sun Bum Day Tripper Kit.

Summer Gift Bundle

The start of summer also ushers in Yoga Day. It’s estimated that about 300 million people practice yoga worldwide. Find your marketing strategy flow with themed sends that play up the flexibility aspect of this beloved exercise.

12. Send It Pun: Find your fit.

Gift Idea: Need to convince a prospect why your product would be great for them? Help move them along the funnel by sending a yoga-themed snack box to thank them for their time so far and encourage them to stick with you. Or stand out from the noise by ordering Fitbits for your yoga-loving prospects. Fitbits also make a great corporate gift for human resource departments looking for employee appreciation sends.

13. Send It Pun: It shouldn’t be a stretch to find a partner who meets your needs.

Gift Idea: For prospects that have gone cold, reach out with branded yoga mats and explain why your company is an ideal partner.

Go Fishing Day, June 25

15. Send It Pun: Dropping you a line to float a time.

Gift Idea: Help book a meeting with this fun one-liner. Pair it with some flashy fishing flies using the Amazon integration that are local to your prospect’s area for extra flair guaranteed to reel them in.

16. Send It Pun: Let’s make this oh-fish-al.

Gift Idea: Looking for that final thing to help get a client over the finish line? Send them a tantalizing box of frozen seafood, including lobster tails, salmon filets, shrimp, and more. National Go Fishing Day is all about taking the time to pause, sit back, and let your line reel them in. Connect with your outdoors-inclined prospects through these fish-related direct mail marketing ideas.

Pride Month

17. Send It Pun: Make Pride a hit!

Gift Idea: The popular Piñatagram is back with a special Pride Month addition. $1 from every Pride Piñatagram directly supports the Human Rights Campaign which strives to end discrimination.Don’t forget the important causes and themes celebrated throughout June like Pride. It’s a month commemorating the Stonewall riots of 1969.Now dedicate your B2B direct mail campaigns to spread the love and support the LGBTQ+ community. The Send Curation team at Sendoso has corporate gifts to capture the spirit.

Giving Back: Piñatagrams isn’t the only way to support the LGBTQ+ community with your corporate gifting campaigns. Check out these Sendoso partners helping to make a difference:

Pride Month Gifts

National Candy Month

18. Send It Pun: It’d be sweet to see you.

Gift Idea: Remind your prospects it’s time to meet up and continue the conversation with a candy box, a festive piñata, or something else filled with sugar. If you need a marketing gift idea that lasts all month long, look no further than National Candy Month! Everyone loves a sweet treat, and sending candy can be a great way to capture attention.

Making the most of your June sends

When you send someone something special, they feel more compelled to repay the favor—often with their time or attention. Sending is a great way to increase responses, re-engage prospects, close accounts, and build customer relationships over time.A partner like Sendoso can help you manage all of your business gifting needs as you plan out your marketing strategy for the month. Check out our customer stories to learn how other teams have successfully used Sendoso to boost their bottom line.

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